Once Upon a Time in Serbia

Once Upon a Time in Serbia


Two young men, Dine and Cone, are returning to their hometown after five years of being away, coming back from World War One. Dine was taken to Paris by the allies where he learned about the wonders of life, beautiful Parisian women and the lights of the metropolis.

After getting wounded the force of circumstances brought Cone to Manchester, the industrial development capital of the time, where he realized the road to success is paved only through black factory smoke and hard work.

Intoxicated by the victory of war and irreversibly infected with “the spirit of freedom and prosperity” tasted in “the big world” they return to their crumbling city of Leskovac. Dine to a small already nonexisting cinema and Cone to get crushed at the view of his bride getting married.

After five years of waiting Cone’s beautiful bride, Zorka, reluctantly agrees to a marriage with a bit older well-read war purveyor, Acim Prokic. At that moment brawl between “the old” and “the new” started in every possible sense. Cone and Dine start adding fresh colors to a gray and dull everyday province life with wise assistance from their old and wealthy Chief Mite.

All while primitiveness is overshadowed by modern beliefs, traditional oriental costumes by the latest Parisian and Viennese fashion knockoffs, horse-drawn carriages by first cars, muddy streets with "fresh" cobblestones and white stone cubes.

The owners of over 50 factories, enterprises, mills and breweries form their own bank which only after a few years becomes the wealthiest one in the kingdom turning a small Oriental town into a modern European city, a prosperity miracle of the Balkans.  

At the end Cone becomes the owner of the finest textile factory in the city regaining his fiancee, Zorka. While Dine changes the flair of his young fellow citizens by bringing sound movies to his cinema. All along “capturing the history” so future generations know how Leskovac became the Biggest Small City.

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